- Certificates and Awards.

The company was established in 1947, it was being continuously updated and progressed, depending on the latest scientific discoveries in medical industry and control. In order to get the top quality product, we apply the concept of the GMP/GLP in production and control during all the manufacturing stages.

We have got the certificates of ISO 9001/2000, ISO 14001/2004 and OHSAS 18001/1999 from SGS.


Mr. Mohammad Tahhan

General Manager

Mr. Rida Tahhan

Factory manager


In the meantime the company got the international quality crown award B.I.D- QC 100 convention ( gold category ) London 2004 united kingdom.

The company prepared a good number of skilled experts, technicians and well competed professional workers for production of top quality medicines which are subjected for test and analysis in each stage during production, from the usage of the raw material till the final packaging stage. As well as the periodical stability tests.

The company complies with GMP correctly and complies with the quality management system.


Environment care and OHSAS to improve its products to achieve its general goals which can be summarized as the following:

1- Developing the company’s products in both aspects: quality and quantity.

2- Increasing the sales percentage and decreasing the loss percentage.

3- Developing the workers training level.

4- Fulfilling the customer needs and satisfaction to guarantee the continuous success and quality development.

5- Delivering orders from the factory to the customer.


Moreover, the company applies the environment policy to protect human health and to make use of the natural sources to minimize pollution, to improve the environment performance and to protect air from being polluted as an outcome of the company activities. The company tries its best to decrease any solid and liquid wastes to decrease any solid and liquid waste to implement the OHSAS by reducing any risks that may result from the company activities and by keeping the continuous progress in the company performance according to OHSAS.


The company complies with the applicable laws an other related requirements by updating the workers with the new policy in addition to other interested parties.



The factory is located in the western area of Aleppo city in Al mansoura characterized by its fresh air and large areas.

The area of the factory attains / 9.500 / s.q meters that could be exp building

/ 3000 / s.q meters of it surrounded by gardens it coincide.